A new chapter


I turned 60 this year (yes, the big 60).  I stepped back and reflected on my life and realized how lovely it is:  a wonderful partner and husband, 4 great kids and 6 grandchildren, a loving group of extended family and friends, a career that allows me to work with some pretty fantastic people and my two precious bulldogs, Fiona and Axel. 

I made a bucket list of the 60 things I want to do this decade.  Lolo's Lovely Life was created out of that bucket list. I want to share with others what makes my life lovely and understand what makes yours.  

Number one on the bucket  list was to take on a new advanture that would:  1) allow me to continue to spend quality time with the people and pets that I love; 2) earn extra money that I could continue with after  retirement; and 3) Share something that I believe in and want others to experience.  So, along came LifeLife by Alcone. 

I first tried LimeLife by Alcone skincare products in December of 2018.  I was not happy with the way my skin and makeup looked.  I could see dryness, fine lines and my makeup didn't look polished, it looked like an afterthought.  A former co-worker of mine became a beauty guide with LimeLife about a year ago.  I had been watching and seeing her skin brighten and her confidence build with each "live" video she shared on Facebook.  Afer trying the products for myself, I knew this was it, the next chapter. 

 I invite you to join me in this adventure to discovering many things that make a "lovely life."  

LImeLife by Alcone Products


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